Energy Contracting offers clear financial advantages, avoiding the need for major investments in power plant by the customer. Gone are the unexpected repair and maintenance costs, and the inevitable cleaning and servicing of burners and boilers! Energy Contracting allows you to budget better, with costs that can be precisely assessed and calculated.


Another undeniable advantage of Energy Contracting is the immediate response in the event of a power cut. Since the supplier is responsible for your energy supply, the service is monitored 24 hours a day. In case of a problem, LuxEnergie offers a repair service and is responsible for replacing any faulty parts.

Environment and new technology

While LuxEnergie cares about your well-being, it also cares about the environment. The company saves on primary energy by maximising output and lowering emissions through the use of modern technology. Methodical research and constant innovation mean that we can offer you the best solutions and advanced technical concepts to achieve this goal.

More time and space

We take all the worry out of your energy supply, leaving you to dream up new possible uses for your basement. Centralised production of heating and/or cooling means that separate installations are no longer needed. This gives you more space and time, since your supply is managed and regulated over the long term by Energy Contracting, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

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