Cooling supply

The principle behind a cooling plant is that buildings are supplied with cold water for air conditioning. Cold water is used to transport the cooling and is often distributed via a cooling network to one or more customers. The cooling produced by LuxEnergie comes from two different processes:

Compression refrigerator

This technique uses electricity as the only source of energy.

Absorption refrigerator

As well as requiring less power, absorption refrigerators mainly use heat as their primary energy. This process harnesses the thermal and physical properties of a salt water solution.

The point of delivery, where the metered cooling is transferred to the customer’s system, is known as the transfer station. There is hydraulic separation between the supplier’s cooling network and the customer’s cooling system.

For renovation or modernisation projects, LuxEnergie is also able to deliver a bespoke, fast and reliable solution to supply issues with its portable cooling containers.

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