DataCenterEnergie S.A.

Created on 3 July 2008, this company has two equal shareholders: LuxConnect S.A. and LuxEnergie S.A. It was set up to finance, construct, operate and supply energy to data centres, belonging to LuxConnect S.A.

The company strives to optimise technology and its various processes with a view to continually improving energy efficiency. At data centre 2.0 in Roost, this optimisation process has resulted in an innovative energy concept that allows cooling to be generated from the heat produced by the Kiowatt project. This has led to a reduction in Luxembourg's CO2 emissions of around 10 000 t/year.

The Bettembourg data centres 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 and the Roost data centre 2.0 are currently operational.

IT firms will be able to rent server rooms at these data centres, which will offer all the functionality, fail-safe power supply and cooling required for this type of activity.

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LuxEnergie S.A.

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