With Energy Contracting, directly usable energy is delivered to you without you needing to worry about it.
The contractor LuxEnergie is able to take charge of your energy supply from start to finish, whether for one or several buildings.

This service includes the following:
• Study and technical design of the power plant
• Construction and financing of the power plant
• Operation, maintenance and monitoring of the proper functioning of installations
• Total guarantee, taking care of all repairs during the contract period
• Permanent surveillance of the installation
• 24/7 breakdown service in the event of any possible incidents
• Supplying the power plant with primary energy (electricity, gas, fuel oil, wood pellets)

Energy Contracting

Energy Contracting is particularly suited to:

  • public buildings (town halls, schools, swimming pools, cultural/sports/leisure centres),
  • healthcare sector (hospitals),
  • industry,
  • tertiary and commercial sector (offices, hotels, retail outlets, shopping centres),
  • dwellings (housing estates, apartment blocks, homes).

With Energy Contracting, LuxEnergie offers its customers a comprehensive, professional service with bespoke turnkey solutions. This is a long-term service provided by a unique partner.

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