How to connect?

Connection to district heating includes the following stages:

  • The prospective customer submits a request to connect to the heating service
  • LuxEnergie conducts a site visit to determine the routing of the connection and prepares a free estimate of the connection charges where necessary.
  • A heating supply contract is drawn up between LuxEnergie and the customer to define the terms and conditions (price, output, term, etc.).
  • LuxEnergie carries out the work for connection to the district heating network.
  • Installation and primary connection by LuxEnergie of the heat transfer station.
  • The customer or the customer's engineer connects the heating distribution system (secondary circuit) to the transfer station, with transformation where necessary.
  • Activation request submitted by the customer or engineer.
  • Activation by LuxEnergie.

Do I need to modify my heating system in order to connect?

The district heating substation only replaces the existing boiler system. The heating distribution system (secondary circuit) in the building remains the same. The existing boiler system can be removed, which saves a considerable amount of space.

How are connection costs calculated?

The connection costs, or installation charges, are proportional to the amount of work involved (networks, substation). These are one-off charges payable at the start of the contract and are subject to VAT at 17%.

How are tariffs calculated?

Prices are set depending on the tariff agreed with the customer and are regularly reviewed using an adjustment formula.

LuxEnergie offers a transparent pricing policy. The monthly bill is itemised so that you can see exactly what you are paying for:

  • A demand charge, which covers the fixed overheads and depreciation. The demand charge is the minimum amount due even without any consumption.
  • Metered energy consumption of the amount effectively used at the building’s transfer station.
  • VAT at 8% is added to the total amount of the bill.

What is the best way to pay my bills?

By setting up a direct debit, you are authorising LuxEnergie to automatically debit your bank account with the amounts due until the direct debit is cancelled. So you don't need to worry about paying bills.

Contact us:

by e-mail: finance@luxenergie.lu
by telephone: (+352) 22 54 74-1
by fax: (+352) 22 54 77

We will send you all the necessary documents. Once we receive your completed and signed direct debit instruction, we will forward it to your bank.

What should I do in an emergency?

Contact our technical service on 22 54 74-1, which will respond as quickly as possible. If the fault is located outside the LuxEnergie property, the work will be invoiced based on the prevailing tariff.

What should I do if I move home?

Contact us:

by e-mail: info@luxenergie.lu
by telephone: (+352) 22 54 74-1
by fax: (+352) 22 54 77
by post: 23, bd J.-F. Kennedy L-1855 Luxembourg

What should I do if the owner of the building dies?

Contact us:

by e-mail: info@luxenergie.lu
by telephone: (+352) 22 54 74-1
by fax: (+352) 22 54 77
by post: 23, avenue John F. Kennedy L-1855 Luxembourg

The contract can be altered and transferred to the new owner.

Why to choose LuxEnergie?

LuxEnergie offers a turnkey solution with a comprehensive long-term service.
The customer does not need to own a heating, cooling or emergency power plant, since energy is supplied by the service provider.

The benefits of the Energy Contracting service offered by LuxEnergie are as follows:

  • Costs of the technical design.
  • Investment in plant construction.
  • Delivery and construction of the building transfer station.
  • Energy costs for electricity, gas, oil and water.
  • Plant maintenance, monitoring and operation.
  • Servicing – i.e. all repairs during the lifetime of the contract.
  • Around-the-clock surveillance of the installation.
  • 24-hour emergency service for any incidents.

Contact us

LuxEnergie S.A.

23, avenue John F. Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg

T. +352 - 22 54 74-1
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