Commissioning of the first wood gasifier in Strassen.


Launch of the Kiowatt production site at Roost. From that time on, 35,000 tonnes of wood pellets per year are being produced in Luxembourg.


LuxEnergie increases its heating, cooling and power generation from biomass.


By now LuxEnergie has over 70 employees and supplies no fewer than 500 customers.

It generates 257 million kWh/year of heating, 122 million kWh/year of electricity and 34.6 million kWh/year of cooling.


The company celebrates 20 years of business.


December: Surré S.A. shares bought out.


28 October : Creation of KIOWATT S.A. jointly with the belgian company Groupe Francois.

3 July: Creation of the company DataCenterEnergie S.A. (DCE) jointly with LuxConnect S.A.


LuxEnergie now has more than 50 employees.


13 July: Formation of the company Airport-Energy S.A., jointly with the Société de l’Aéroport du Luxembourg S.A.


Relocation to new premises at 23 avenue JF Kennedy, Luxembourg-Kirchberg.


Commissioning of the first dedicated cooling plant with a cooling network in Strassen.


20 April: Increase in capital to LUF 400,000,000 (EUR 10,000,000).


First solar plant for the outdoor swimming pool in Troisvierges.


14 August: The Luxembourg government and the Fonds du Kirchberg sell their stake to Cegedel Participations.


Commissioning of the first trigeneration plant (electricity, heating, cooling) in the Auchan City Center building in Kirchberg.

Commissioning of the first cogeneration plant supplying residential customers via a heating network in Remich.


30 November: Absorption of the company Escolux S.A.

LuxEnergie now has seven employees. Its offices are situated at 57, avenue Pasteur, Luxembourg.


Commissioning of the first cogeneration plant with a heating network at the Luxembourg Chamber of Crafts (Chambre des Métiers).


19 July: Creation of the company LuxEnergie by the Luxembourg government and the Fonds du Kirchberg, for the public sector, Cegedel-Participations S.A. and Surré S.A. for the energy sector, and Paul Wurth S.A. and Escolux S.A. for the industrial sector. The company had no employees at first.

Capital: LUF 21,000,000.


The rapid development of the Kirchberg plateau, Luxembourg's new quarter which is today home to various administrative and tertiary centres, has created a need for careful planning of both energy supply and urban development, particularly in terms of heating, cooling and power requirements.

The companies Paul Wurth, Luxconsult, Omnitec and Stadtwerke Saarbrücken have joined forces to set up a working group, which will conduct a feasibility and profitability study for the construction and operation of a stand-alone energy system for the Kirchberg plateau.

The analysis and calculations have shown that the construction of decentralised cogeneration plants, adapted to the needs of buildings or blocks, is the best solution from a financial and technical point of view. Based on these positive findings, a decision was taken to form a new company in order to promote cogeneration in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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