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Kiowatt S.A., owned on an equal share basis by Belgian company Groupe François and LuxEnergie S.A., was founded on 28 October 2008. With corporate capital of € 7,000,000, this company first set itself two main energy objectives: to use energy from wood waste to produce electricity and heat, and to make maximum use of this heat to achieve almost total efficiency.

Kiowatt S.A. has been operational since the end of 2013 on its site in Roost and consumes 35,000 tons of wood waste from Luxembourg per year in the cogeneration that is at the heart of the facility. This allows for the generation of 22 GWh of electricity injected into the public grid and between 90 and 100 GWh of heat.

This heat is used for the following:
- drying of fresh wood during the pellet manufacturing process;
- cooling for the LuxConnect data centre, which is the world's first true 'green data centre';
- supply of the district heating network for the municipality of Bissen.

In addition, 130,000 cubic metres of fresh wood (triturations, sawdust) is transformed into 35,000 tons of wood pellets "made in Luxembourg" per year.

Kiowatt has a twofold objective:
- to reduce CO2 emissions by 350,000t between 2014 and 2020, i.e. 15% of the targets set by Luxembourg and
- to cover approximately 5% of green energy needs for the national sectors of electricity, heating and cooling.

LuxEnergie S.A. is in charge of the administrative section of Kiowatt S.A. Maintenance and operation of the facilities will be carried out by the staff of Kiowatt S.A.

In order to demonstrate a large-scale biomass project to the general public, Kiowatt voluntarily welcomes visitors.


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