Inauguration at Sandweiler / 16.01.2014

Since 1993, LuxEnergie has supplied heat to the main public buildings (town hall, church, school, sports centre, day care centre, cultural centre) in the town of Sandweiler by means of a heating network fed by two 560 kW gas furnaces.

Since the town of Sandweiler, as a member of the Climate Alliance, is highly committed to achieving zero CO2 emissions from the energy used in heating, the two partners decided to upgrade the furnaces. The maximum thermal power required in the existing heating network has been determined by means of statistical readings, and the annual cost curves were analysed to arrive at the dimensions needed for the new installation. In order to respond optimally to the environmental requirements laid down by Sandweiler’s municipal administration, LuxEnergie proposed adding a central wood pellet furnace operating at 220 kW and reducing the power of one of the gas furnaces from 560 kW to 270 kW. This solution will make it possible to produce around 80% of the annual energy supply from combustible wood. The installation of a buffer tank will help optimise the energy performance of the pellet furnace. The use of gas will be reduced and will serve solely to supply the additional energy needed in winter.

Given that wood burning is considered neutral in CO2 emissions, this solution will make for an 80% reduction in greenhouse gases as compared to the old system, which amounts to 150 tonnes of CO2 per year.

LuxEnergie has made technical investments in this upgrading project and will operate the central energy system throughout the life of the contract.







Sandweiler centrale à pellets

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