Our commitments

Environmental commitment

LuxEnergie is committed to saving natural resources. It has its own definition of ecology which requires it to minimise the use of fossil fuels. This is one of the reasons why LuxEnergie places such importance on the best possible use of fuels at its plants.     

At LuxEnergie, environmental protection goes hand in hand with a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and a fall in primary energy consumption. This has been possible due to increased plant output, a prerequisite for ensuring that we have quality of life in the future. LuxEnergie saves about one third of CO2 emissions with its combined heat and power plants compared to other types of system.

In future years, LuxEnergie plans to continue developing its biomass production, viewed as the best source of alternative renewable energy. Several thermal power plants using wood pellets will be built in 2013, notably at Sandweiler, Differdange and Echternach.

In the same vein, LuxEnergie is constantly on the lookout for other new solutions using innovative energy systems. For example, LuxEnergie is currently examining the possibility of converting traditional cogeneration plants into biomass cogeneration plants.

The plant built in Roost by Kiowatt, a subsidiary of LuxEnergie, is operational since autumn of 2013. Each year it consumes 35,000 tonnes of wood waste sourced from Luxembourg for cogeneration, generating 21 GWh of electricity and 100 GWh of heating. In addition, 130,000 cubic metres of fresh wood (sawdust) are turned into 35,000 to 45,000 tonnes of wood pellets. This will reduce CO2 emissions by some 350,000 tonnes between 2014 and 2020. This is equivalent to 14.2% of the reduction targets that Luxembourg has set itself by 2020 as part of the National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP).

A way of reducing CO2 emissions and adding value to local forestry resources. Kiowatt is producing the first pellets from Luxembourg-sourced wood, since other pellets currently sold in Luxembourg are not made in the country. In addition, wood waste is currently exported and is not considered a renewable energy source for Luxembourg.

LuxEnergie has been awarded "SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber" quality certification for environmental waste management. More information is available from www.superdreckskescht.lu

Social commitment

For the past few years, LuxEnergie has sponsored cultural events in Luxembourg such as the "Festival International Echternach " and the "Festival de Wiltz".


LuxEnergie's social commitment also continues through sponsoring various sports clubs and events such as FC Progrès Niedercorn, BBC Gréngewald Hueschtert and Guidon Alzingen.



To promote teamwork among its employees, LuxEnergie organises regular staff events.

An intranet site makes sure, that information circulate through the company. 

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