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Renewable energy sources such as biomass, geothermal energy or waste heat from industrial companies are increasingly being used to generate energy. In this way, we contribute to increasing the share of renewable energies in the Luxembourg energy mix.

Combined heat and power generation

Simultaneous generation of electrical and thermal energy

CHP by means of wood gasification

Primary energy: wood pellets

The wood gasifier, with a thermal output of 260 kW and an electrical output of 165 kW, is fed exclusively with wood pellets according to specification EN Plus A1. By gasifying the wood pellets and subsequently using the product gas in a combustion engine with combined heat and power generation, the energy contained in the raw material is utilised in the best possible way. The plant combination achieves an electrical efficiency of approx. 30%, with an overall efficiency of approx. 75%.

CHP by means of steam boiler

Primary energy: wood pellets, gas, heating oil

By burning the fuel, water is heated to steam. A downstream turbine with generator uses this steam to produce electricity. The steam from the turbine is then transferred to a condenser to collect thermal energy, which is fed into the heat network.

CHP by means of BHKW

Primary energy: natural gas

Heat and electricity are produced simultaneously by means of a combustion engine coupled to a generator. The waste heat from the engine is thus used for heating purposes or for generating cold by means of absorption refrigeration machines. The electricity generated is in turn fed into the public grid.

Boiler plant

Primary energy: wood pellets, woodchips, gas, heating oil

The heat is generated in boilers.

Heat pump

Heat pumps take heat from the air, the earth or the ground water and make it usable. The temperature of the absorbed environmental heat has to be increased so that it can be used for heating purposes.

Use of existing waste heat from industrial plants, refrigeration plants, geothermal energy, waste water