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We are at your disposal. Our customers enjoy many advantages: In addition to the reliable delivery of energy, you are also offered a first-class service.

Emergency service (24/7)

Contact emergency service

Here you can report a supply fault. LuxEnergie’s 24-hour fault service will be notified and will contact you as soon as possible.

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Contact finance

For any information regarding your invoice, please contact our financial department by phone or email.


Frequently asked questions

  • Connection to the district heating system requires the following steps tob e completed:

    • Submission of a connection application by the prospective customer
    • On-site visit by LuxEnergie to determine the course of the connecting road and, if necessary, to draw up a free estimate of the connection costs
    • Drawing up a heat supply contract between LuxEnergie and the customer, in which the modalities (price, performance, term, etc.) are defined
    • Connection to the district heat network carried out by LuxEnergie
    • Installation and primary connection of the heat transfer station by LuxEnergie
    • Connection and possible modifications by the customer or his installer to the customer’s heat distribution system to the heat transfer station
    • Submission of an application for commissioning by the customer or his installer
    • Commissioning by LuxEnergie

  • Only the existing boiler system will be replaced by the heat transfer station for district heating. The heat distribution in the building remains the same. By removing the existing boiler plant, you gain additional space.

  • The costs for the connection, the so-called “connection fees”, depend on the scope of the work to be carried out (network, transfer station). These are one-off charges payable at the start of the contract and are subject to VAT at 17%.

  • The heat tariffs are defined in the cost estimate which is submitted to the customer beforehand. They are regularly adjusted to inflation and changes in primary energy prices using an adjustment formula.

    LuxEnergie pursues a transparent pricing policy. The monthly invoice is made up of various items. This allows you to exactly track the amount to be paid:

    • a monthly fee for the use of the network infrastructure and heat production facilities
    • the energy consumption: it is recorded by meters at the heat transfer station
    • the VAT of 8% on the total amount of the invoice

  • By signing a SEPA Direct Debit Mandate, you authorize us to automatically debit your bank account with the invoice amounts until revoked by you. This way you do not have to worry about paying your bills.

    Give us the SEPA mandate by filling out the PDF document and sending it to us by post.

    You can also pay your bills by Digicash.

    How does it work?

    • Select ‘scan’ option
    • Scan Digicash QR code from your invoice
    • Confirm payment by fingerprint or PIN

  • Contact our emergency service at 22 54 74-1. They will take care of the malfunction as soon as possible.

  • If you sell your property, you must inform us of the change of ownership. We need the following data to cancel the existing contract or to draw up the new contract:

    • Date of the transfer of the house / apartment
    • Meter reading at change of ownership
    • the new address of the previous owner, so that we can send you the definitive statement of account
    • the contact details of the new owner in order to draw up a new contract

  • You contact us:

    by e-mail:

    by phone: (+352) 22 54 74-1

    by fax: (+352) 22 54 77

    by post: 23, bd J.-F. Kennedy L-1855 Luxembourg

    The contract can be transferred to the new owner by a simple addendum.

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  • All data entered is processed in accordance with our "General notice on the protection of personal data".