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Strassen – Construction of the new biomass combined heat and power plant has started

The “Biekesbierg” site in Strassen, where LuxEnergie already operates a refrigeration plant and a wood gasifier, is being extended.

An energy plant, which will produce heat and electricity using a wood pellet steam boiler with a generator, is currently under construction. Commissioning is scheduled for February 2022. In addition, a workshop, a warehouse- and an office building, which will be used by LuxEnergie, will be built.

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In future, water is heated to steam in a boiler with an hourly consumption of about 2 tons of wood pellets. A turbine uses this steam to produce annually 8,100 MWh of renewable electricity, which is fed into the public power grid. This corresponds to an average annual consumption of more than 1,600 households.

The heat extracted after the turbine in the condenser is used to generate hot water for the heat network. This extends from Strassen to Limpertsberg, is almost 20 km long and supplies about 140 buildings, such as hospitals, public buildings, office buildings and wholesale markets.

An efficient heat network from Strassen to Luxembourg-Limpertsberg

The CHP Strassen, together with an already existing wood gasifier, covers the base load, while the peak load is secured by the gas boilers from two other plants, the Josy Barthel Stadium and the Victor Hugo Hall. A total of 64% of the heat is produced from biomass, making the heat network an efficient one according to the EU directive. This project allows an annual CO2 saving of 13,000 tons. The wood pellets are supplied from the Kiowatt pellet plant in Roost.

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