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Property sector

Differdange, Funiculaire


A private property developer has enabled the construction of a residential zone with 660 units. This consists of 75 buildings of various sizes and a supermarket on the “Plateau du Funiculaire” in Differdingen.

LuxEnergie has concluded a 30-year contract with the private investor for the supply of heat. Two wood pellet boilers of 530 kW each and a gas boiler of 1,600 kW supply the area with heat. Over the course of the year, LuxEnergie guarantees a minimum 75% supply of renewable heat.

Key figures

Commissioning: 2012
Heat production: 2.550 MWh/a
Heat network: 2,2 km
Use: Local heating

Energy Plant

2 boilers
Primary energy: wood pellets

1 boiler
Primary energy: natural gas