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Property sector

Strassen, Pescher


The construction of the settlement area “Pescher” will be carried out in two parts.

The first part, “Pescher IV”, includes residences with apartments, shops and a day nursery. The wood pellet boiler provides heat for these buildings. The gas boiler supports the wood pellet boiler during peak hours.

The second part “Pescher VI” will comprise 68 single-family houses and 22 residential units in apartment buildings. Another wood pellet boiler will later be installed to supply these buildings.

At least 75% of the heat supply will be covered by renewable energies.

Key figures

Commissioning: 2014
Heat production: 2.280 MWh/a
Heat network: 1,6 km
Use: Local heating

Energy Plant

1 boiler
Primary energy: wood pellets

1 boiler
Primary energy: natural gas